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Taskforce GO! : Set The Tone

Set The Tone: a campaign for a safe and
inclusive music sector.

Speak up when people cross a line.

What is inappropriate behaviour?

Inappropriate behaviour is any form of unwanted verbal, non-verbal or physical behaviour with the aim or effect of violating the dignity of a person, or with the result of creating an intimidating, hostile, abusive, humiliating or offensive situation.

This includes:

  • Emotionally abusive or intimidating behaviour
  • Physical or sexually abusive behaviour
  • Verbal or online sexually abusive behaviour
  • Physical aggression and violence
  • Discrimination

The ‘Inappropriate behaviour in the music industry in the spotlight’ survey involving almost 1,000 people from the music industry shows that of all respondents:

  • Half of those surveyed have experienced intimidating or emotionally abusive behaviour during their work.
  • One in three has had to deal with verbal/ online sexually abusive behaviour.
  • One in five has been a victim of physical or sexually abusive behaviour.
  • About one in ten has experienced physical aggression at work.
  • 22% indicated that they have consciously or unconsciously behaved inappropriately.

There is no room for inappropriate behavior in any industry and certainly not in the music industry. To ensure this we must work together and set the tone once and for all. How? By speaking out against inappropriate behavior, so that we can create a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels like they can be themselves.

Research by Movisie on inappropriate behavior in the music sector shows that experiencing such behavior often has negative consequences for the victim. In addition to various psychological and/or physical effects, inappropriate behavior has also had concrete consequences for some respondents’ careers; they have resigned or been dismissed, their contracts were not renewed, or they received no or poor references.

Unwanted behavior in the music industry is not always reported, often out of fear of consequences for the victim. Reporting is important, as it helps address the problem and prevent others from becoming victims.

Speak out if you experience or witness something unpleasant happening to someone else. Support the victim or contact for advice or to connect with a confidential advisor. As an employer or client, you can take action to create a safe working environment. Together, we have to set the tone and make the music sector a safe place for everyone.

Set the tone, take action.

Inappropriate behavior happens everywhere. Unfortunately, it also occurs in the music industry. Have you experienced something unpleasant, seen or heard something in your (work) environment, or do you want to combat inappropriate behavior in your organization? Taskforce GO! has developed a hands-on guide for every situation so you have the tools you need to set the tone.